Six different dice or one dice from different views?
That could be a relevant question for this work, which is a tribute to chance and probability. A random dice is activated at random time intervals. It is rotated to a random angle, towards a random direction. These too many factors of randomness create a feeling of surprise, expectation and excitement, while maintaining a sense of meditation, once we realize that many of our experiences in life are just a chain of random events.

After long research and experimentation, I have made my animated paintings amazingly quiet. The sound of the blocks when rotating is practically unnoticeable, so your guests can be surprised by the sudden movements, virtually in silence.
The mechanics and electronics have very minimal wear so the work can be running smoothly for years, without requiring maintenance.

The work has a large hole at the back, which makes it very easy to hang on the wall using the supplied L-hook.

The package includes:
1) The artwork.
2) Power supply, which can be adjusted for your country.
3) Mounting hook.
4) Printed instructions.

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Please note that the shop is closed for Christmas holiday between 22 December 2023 and 2 January 2024. We keep accepting orders, which will be shipped after the 2nd of January 2024.

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Dimensions: 80 x 13 x 7 cm

Materials: Acrylic on shaped MDF, varnish, mechanical components, electric motors, electronics.

Year of creation: 2018.


All works are made and shipped from Denmark, by artist and engineer George Koutsouris.

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