Building blocks

In this work, the rotating elements allude to gaming and experimentation, as we have first learned during our childhood. In our adult life we tend to forget the meaning of gaming as a process of constant learning and generation of ideas. From the inventor’s prototypes or the mathematical combinations in a new theory to the various trials of an artist, game is part of our life as a creative process. The flat blocks of the work are painted as perspective three-dimensional objects and spin in random combinations, such as game by nature includes randomness, trial and error. The work surprises the viewer with its continuous movement, which nevertheless remains almost silent.

After long research and experimentation, I have made my animated paintings amazingly quiet. The sound of the blocks when rotating is practically unnoticeable, so your guests can be surprised by the sudden movements, virtually in silence.
The mechanics and electronics have very minimal wear so the work can be running smoothly for years, without requiring maintenance.

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Materials:  Acrylic on MDF, varnish, mechanical components, motors, electronics, power supply.

Dimensions: 13 x 80 x 7 cm.

Year of creation: 2020.



All works are made and shipped from Denmark, by artist and engineer George Koutsouris.

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