Amalie and Gabriel

This work was created as a present for a married couple: Amalie and Gabriel. One from Denmark, the other from Argentina, they share the common letters of their names with the common colours of their flags… Always in a playful way!

A flat plywood cutout is hand-painted in such a way to reveal depth and create an illusion of perspective. The plaque is placed with a small distance in front of the wall to give the impression that it floats. After careful inspection, it can be seen that light and shadows are intentionally unrealistic and the 3D effect is over-exaggerated.
The work is ready to hang from two nails on the wall.

The work is signed both on the side and the back.

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Materials: Acrylic on shaped plywood, varnish.

Year of creation: 2021.

Edition: Unique.

All works are made and shipped from Denmark, by artist and engineer George Koutsouris.

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