The rationalization of emotions

Are emotions random or rational? Can love be defined by algorithms?
These are some relevant questions for this kinetic artwork, which involves chance and probability. Dice are activated within various totally random phrases. Sometimes, one dice at a time, other times multiple dice together…

With a background in engineering, I love creating kinetic artworks that involve several of my competencies together. The work is carefully made out of high-quality motors and electronics. It remains cool during its operation and perfectly safe, with all precautions taken into account.
I have also done extensive research to make it practically silent! It’s ultra-quiet and smooth operation make the movements noticeable only when you look at the work, which gives a feeling of surprise to you and your guests!
The mechanics and electronics have very minimal wear so the work can be running problem-free for years.

The work has two large holes at the back, which make it very easy to hang on the wall using two screws or strong nails.

The package includes:
-The artwork.
-AC to DC power adaptor (UK plug can be included). Specifications: 220V-240V AC to 12V – 2A DC.
-Hooks for mounting on the wall.


Please note that the shop is closed for Christmas holiday between 22 December 2023 and 2 January 2024. We keep accepting orders, which will be shipped after the 2nd of January 2024.

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Dimensions: 59 x 45 x 11 cm.

Materials: Acrylic (plexiglass) sheets, painted plywood, mechanical components, motors, electronics, power supply.

Year of creation: 2020.

Edition of 8.

The pieces of this edition are built and assembled to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks lead time and app. 1 week for delivery. Each piece is signed numbered at the back.
In total, 8 pieces will be created, until the edition is sold out.
Each piece is a copy of the design, function and specifications, but it is not totally identical to the rest of the pieces. For example, the colours might vary slightly. These small variations keep the hand-made character of the artwork and, by all means, are a good thing! They make the wok ‘almost’ unique.

All works are made and shipped from Denmark, by artist and engineer George Koutsouris.

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